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Christopher Maselli, Esq.
Aggressive Protection
of your Rights

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense


The Christopher Maselli, Esq. is recognized throughout the Providence area for integrity, dedication, and effectiveness.

As a personal Injury Lawyer, Chris is proud of his firm’s dedication to helping those who have had personal injury through wrongful conduct of others. His office focuses on severe accidents and other personal injuries that can leave lasting effects on clients. His firm's aggressive and skillful advocacy ensures that his clients receive justice and the compensation they deserve. Whether obtained through a jury verdict at trial or a fair insurance settlement, Chris’s firm is diligent to advocating and fighting for his client's rights. Our clients always come first. There's no case too large or too small for us.

Criminal Defense That Protects Your Rights

Don't put your good legal standing at risk by trying to handle your own defense. Christopher Maselli, Esq. is a seasoned attorney who is passionate about representing your interests and keeping you fully informed about your case.

Start prepping for your day in court with help from Christopher Maselli, Esq.. Contact Us Today.